Here Are 12 Secrets to Live Over 100 Years Without Dementia

In the world longevity ranking published in the World Health Statistics 2018 announced by the World Health Organization (WHO), Japan retained first place with an average age of 84.2 years old. (Image: Kanzhongguo )

Japanese people are known for their longevity. Recently a book by Dr. Takuji Shirasawa entitled 101 Ways to Live 100 Years Old without Dementia indicates that a good diet and good habits in life contribute substantially to keeping the brain young and active. Some of the key points are introduced as follows.

Drink a cup of warm water immediately after getting up

We lose about 500cc (½ liter) of water during sleep, so it needs to be replaced. Warm water can raise the body’s temperature, and increases metabolism by 10 percent.

Drink vegetable or fruit juice at least 3 times a week

Drinking vegetable or fruit juice at least 3 times a week can reduce the risk of dementia by 76 percent.

Bask in the sun for 15 minutes everyday

Sunlight helps the body to produce Vitamin D, which is proved effective in fighting cancer.

Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in polyphenols which slows the aging process and helps to control blood sugar.

Cook at home

Studies have shown that people who like cooking are less easily to get dementia, as cooking can give the brain a wholesome stimulus.

Avoid carbonated beverages and processed foods

Carbonated beverages and processed foods, such as fast foods, are rich in phosphorus, which hinders the absorption of calcium and is detrimental to the bones.

Make yourself sweat

Sport can be beneficial if it makes you sweat, which eliminates toxins in the body.

Reduce body weight by 5 percent

Those who live to be 100 years old without illness share one thing in common — they don’t have excess body fat. The risks for diabetes and hypertension are reduced if your body weight is reduced by 5 percent.

Walk for 30 minutes everyday

Those who hardly exercise have the highest mortality. Walking for just 30 minutes everyday can increase blood circulation and improve overall health.

Practice meditation

Meditation can heal and prevent many illnesses. Just sitting in meditation for 10 minutes in the morning can make a good start to your day, however the longer the better.

Eat onions

Onions contain sulfites which are good for lowering blood pressure. They are most beneficial when being eaten raw. A vegetable salad with sliced onions is highly recommended.

Do not eat after 9 pm

Fat accumulates most easily at 2 am. If nothing is eaten after 9 pm, no fat will be accumulated.

Translated research by Mona Song

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