Boeing’s Answer to Cleaner Lavatories

Have you ever been on a long flight and had to use the lavatory? Most people try to make it through the trip without using it, including myself. However, Boeing’s new “Clean Lavatory concept” may just change how most people feel about air travel.

Because the space on a plane is limited to the size of the aircraft, the airline company’s main goal is to get as many passengers on board as possible. This has resulted in the facilities becoming even more crammed, with the lavatory being the major victim.

Especially while traveling on long haul flights, using the bathroom is usually a less than pleasant experience. However, Boeing has now realized this, and is endeavoring to do something about it.

Teresa King, the Boeing engineering project manager, said:

The solution is a bathroom that cleans itself in just 3 seconds using only UV light. Boeing says that by using UV lighting, 99.99% of bacteria will be killed on all surfaces within the bathroom. Also, the room would be almost touch-less; for example, they have placed automatically lift or lower the toilet seat to guarantee complete cleanliness.

King said:

Watch as Boeing explains their new concept.

The UV light that Boeing is using will not harm humans unlike ultraviolet light A and B — tanning and growing lights — but it is extremely effective against bacteria.

Boeings user experience & design specialist, Rich Simms, said:

The “Clean Lavatory concept” has been shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin Award, which honors innovative cabin designs and ideas. If it can deliver what Boeing says it can, and if it’s added to their new aircraft quickly, it may just make bathroom stops a little more pleasant, regardless of how many passengers use it on the flight.

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