‘Refreshing and Amazing,’ Taiwan Mayors Recommend Everyone See Shen Yun

The Shen Yun performing arts is a revival of 5,000 years of Chinese culture. Through dance and music heavenly realms, ancient legends, and heroic tales are told. Accompanying them is a unique orchestra, which blends eastern and western instruments.

They have performed in Taipei and Tainan, and both the Mayors went to see the show. Here’s what they had to say:

“Excellent! I recommend all people to see the show!”

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-ji watched Shen Yun with his wife, and was amazed by the high level of harmony exuded through different elements of the show. He felt that was extraordinary. As he put it, the show was:

The Mayor’s wife, Chen Pei-chi, agreed:

taipei mayor 柯文哲

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-ji and his wife, Chen Pei-chi. (Image: KanZhongguo)

“It is refreshing and amazing!”

Tainan Mayor William Lai commented after watching the show that Shen Yun is simply: “refreshing and amazing.” He thought that the show:

tainan mayor 赖清德

Tainan Mayor William Lai. (Image: KanZhongguo)

Researched by Monica Song and edited by Kathy McWilliams

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