A Miraculous Way to Cook Rice and Live Longer

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We all know to cook rice you need to use water, but our ancestors knew better. They used a special water to cook the rice with, which prevented them from getting sick and prolonged their life. How miraculous would that be? So what is this special water?

They used tea water.

Tea water can eliminate grease, cleanse the mouth, and aid digestion. In addition, it is also good for preventive care. According to researchers, consuming rice cooked with tea water can prevent five diseases.

1. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease

Polyphenol is the main ingredient in tea, accounting for about 70-80 percent of the water exudate.

Scientific evidence shows that tea’s polyphenols can enhance the resilience of the microvascular system and help to prevent the walls of blood vessels from rupturing.

Polyphenols can also reduce blood cholesterol and inhibit atherosclerosis.

Consuming rice cooked in tea water is particularly good for the elderly as it can help to soften blood vessels and lower blood lipids, which can prevent cardiovascular disease.

2. Prevention of gastrointestinal cancer

Tea polyphenols can block the synthesis of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the human body, and thus prevent gastrointestinal cancer.

3. Prevents stroke

One of the leading causes of a stroke is the walls of the blood vessels losing their elasticity due to the formation of lipids. Peroxideannic acid in tea curbs the formation of lipid peroxide, so it can effectively prevent stroke.

4. Aids digestion

As early as the Tang Dynasty the medical book Herbal Supplements recorded rice cooked in tea water can aid digestion and effectively break down fat.

5. Prevention of dental cavities

Tea contains fluoride, which is an important and indispensable dentin material. If a small amount of fluoride can penetrate into the tissue, it will enhance the resilience of the teeth and increase acid resistance, which can prevent dental cavities.

How do you cook rice with tea water?

Soak a small amount of tea leaves in boiling water. Wait until the tea leaves open up and filter the tea leaves out using a piece of clean gauze. Use the tea water to cook the rice.


  • Do not use too much tea.
  • Do not use night time tea.
  • Be sure to match high protein foods with iron-rich foods.

Different tea leaves produce different effects

Using different kinds of tea water to cook rice can have different effects in preventing illnesses. Long term use of tea water to cook rice may be very beneficial in keeping cholesterol, hypertension, and high blood sugar under control.

Pu’er tea water

Pu’er tea is rich in statin, an anti-lipid peroxidation, which can reduce blood low-density lipoprotein, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and it can improve the body’s blood high density lipoprotein levels.

Oolong tea water

Polysaccharides in oolong tea can increase the body’s antioxidant functioning, enhance liver glucokinase activity and reduce gluconeogenesis, reduce hepatic glucose output, thereby reduce fasting blood glucose.

Studies have shown that oolong tea can significantly reduce diabetes symptoms and can help to regulate weight gain.

Ilex tea water

Ilex contains many nutrients, such as saponin, ursolic acid, flavonoids, selenium compounds, amino acids, vitamins, and the like.

Studies have shown that Ilex can significantly increase coronary blood flow to the human heart, improve hypoxia tolerance of the posterior pituitary and has a positive effect towards acute myocardial ischemia. In addition, it can increase cerebral blood flow and reduce cerebral vascular resistance, and significantly lower blood pressure.

So, cooking rice with tea water can prevent five different diseases and using different tea leaves can keep high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure under control.

Our ancestors were really smart!

Translated research by Mona Song and Kathy McWilliams

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