The Pen That Knows Its Grammar

This pen has a computer inside of it that can alert the user to spelling mistakes while they write. (Image: Day Donaldson via flickr/cc2.0)
This pen has a computer inside of it that can alert the user to spelling mistakes while they write. (Image: Day Donaldson via flickr/cc2.0)

There are many people who would rather use word processors like Microsoft’s Word or OSX’s Pages to write. The reason; they feel insecure about their spelling abilities. But this could change in the near future with the aid of “learning pens.”

One example is an innovation by a German inventor who created a pen with a computer inside of it that can alert the user about spelling mistakes while they write.

“Lernstift” (German for “learning pen”) was developed by the German start-up VibeWrite, and could also give longhand writing a new sphere of safety when it comes to spelling. The pen is still in the prototype phase, but what it promises seems very called for.

It carries more than just ink in it’s casing; “Lernstift” contains a mini computer that will alert users whenever they make spelling errors.

“Basically there are two functions. The calligraphy mode that helps correct individual letter, and the orthography mode which vibrates when a word is misspelled,” the co-founder of “Lernstift,” Daniel Kaesmacher, told CNN.

Lernstift (German- "Learning Pen"). A look under the hood. (Image: Screenshot/Youtube)

A look under the hood of ‘Lernstift.’ (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

Taking spelling and writing to another level

The “Lernstift” not only recognizes all writing movements on paper, but even those done in the air. The pen’s built-in Wi-Fi allows users to connect with their smart-devices too.

(Image: Screenshot/Youtube)

As an educational tool the pen was also hoped to be useful to dyslexic children. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

The pen was initially intended for educational purposes, especially in combination with the use of IOS apps that would allow children to playfully interact with the educational-app using paper and the pen.

The idea came to Falk Walsky, VibeWrite company founder, after watching his son struggle with his homework. The Munich-based company especially hoped that dyslexic children would find good use for the new pen.

Unfortunately, the company filed for insolvency just shortly after the announcement of the “Lernstift” prototype.

Just when you thought all was lost…

The pen that promises to fuse paper and smartphones while bringing back the paper-note book. (Image: Screenshot/Youtube)

The pen that promises to fuse paper and smartphones, while bringing back the paper notebook. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

Fortunately Moleskine, an Italian company, has recently released it’s “Smart Writing Set.” It consists of a special paper tablet notebook, the smart pen, and an app that links the two to a functioning unit capable of “digitally editing and sharing whatever you create on paper in real-time.” You don’t have to take a photo, upload files, or even scan in any documents anymore.

Watch how it works in this video by Moleskine ® – The Official Channel:

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