Watch Amazing Footage of Skateboarding in Vivid, Swirling Color Powder and Super Slow Motion Imagery

These skateboarders combine the colors of Holi, the Indian festival of colors, with the super slow, super crisp video of extremely expensive cameras, to create a daring visual collage of kickflips and chromatic joy.

One of YouTube’s finest cinematographers, Darren Dyk from Beyond Slow Motion, is the man behind the camera. He used the infamously powerful and expensive Phantom video camera, along with the lesser but still awesome Sony NEX-FS700, to capture the richness of the colors, and to freeze the intense, mid-air action shots. You can’t capture shots like these with just any video camera. The Phantom has a slow motion capability that other video cameras can only fantasize about.

Darren Dyk collaborated with Kuma Films to make a video bound to please fans of skateboarding, Indian festivals, and cinematography alike.

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