6 Tips From a Fengshui Master

(Image: Mairinha-251705 via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

According to a fengshui master, placing certain objects inside a home will disrupt the harmony and result in adverse effects on the people living there. Let’s take a look at what kind of objects will adversely affect the energy flow.

1. Dead wood, dried flowers, or plastic flowers are not suitable inside a home, as they can increase the declining or withering energy.

2. From a fengshui perspective animal skulls from ferocious looking animals carry evil spirits.

3. Paintings of ferocious animals also carry evil spirits.

4. Do not put too many stones or rocks inside a home for they draw out the essence of heaven and earth, and carry yin energy.

5. A pond is generally an outdoor water feature. If placed indoors it will generate damp air and create confusion.

6. Antiques and artifacts of unknown origin, particularly objects from the place of a person’s death are better kept out of the home. Viruses and bacteria can survive in them, which are not good for health.

Translated by Yi Ming

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