What Do French People Think of Eating American French Fries?

What Americans call French fries or fries are a little different than what people eat in Europe. American French fries are commonly eaten at McDonald’s or any other fast food and non-fast food establishment. French fries are deeply a part of American culture.

But even before the dish came to America, it existed, where else, France… and Belgium. Both France and Belgium claim to be the originator of French fries. Both countries have popular dishes with fried potatoes, and both countries speak French, so there is an ongoing dispute about which country invented the fatty, salty, crunchy dish that is loved across America and the world.

But the question that has never been asked is what French people actually think of American-style French fries. Find out in this video if they appreciate the fried-from-frozen American cuisine staple, or still crave their freshly prepared, French counterpart.

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