8 New Ways to Use Your Hair Dryer

The hair dryer has more uses than just drying your hair. (Image: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain)
The hair dryer has more uses than just drying your hair. (Image: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain)

Other than drying hair, have you ever used your hair dryer for anything else? Here are 8 examples of what you can do with a hair dryer shared by HouseholdHacker. They are absolutely useful in your daily life, and you will probably use most of them.

  1. When a hot drink is placed on a wooden table it can leave a white mark. Use your hair dryer and blow the mark and it will disappear.
  2. When you need to blow up an air cushion bed, cut a plastic bottle in half and then stick the larger end onto the hair dryer with sticky tape, set the hair dryer to cool and slowly but surely the air bed will inflate.
  3. Removing an adhesive bandage can sometimes hurt, but by setting your hair dryer to warm and blowing it with a hair dryer the bandage will be removed easily without any pain.
  4. A sealed envelop can be opened without damaging it by blowing at the opening.
  5. If candle wax drops onto the carpet, put a piece of tissue over the wax and use a hair dryer to blow it and it will absorb the wax.
  6. Instead of getting out your ironing board for a few wrinkles, hang your shirt on a coat hanger, spray with water or ironing aid and then with the hair dryer blow away the wrinkles. While blowing use your hand to smooth out the shirt.
  7. If your plastic sunglasses do not fit your head anymore, blow them with the hair dryer and adjust the shape until they fit your head.
  8. A handy and easy-to-get-to place to store you hair dryer is a Y-shaped pipe

Watch HouseholdHacker show you these ingenious ideas:

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