Parent’s Son Dies, But You Won’t Believe What His Friends Do to Comfort Them

(Image: esiuL via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)
(Image: esiuL via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

March 6, 2014 was the most painful day for Ms. Li and her husband. Their 30 year-old son Beibei had suddenly died while playing badminton in a gym. Before Beibei left the house that day, the last thing he said to his mother was: “My computer is still on, go and play a game on it.”

No-one could understand the pain they were experiencing, losing their only child; they wept day and night.

The hardest time was Chinese New Year’s Eve of 2014. All the families were filled with happiness and watched television together to welcome the coming year, but Ms. Li could only close their front door and weep quietly while her husband shed tears in another room.

They went to bed early, for they wanted to see Beibei in their dreams. Then they heard knocking on their door. When she opened the door, she found a group of young people with a lot of food to have New Year’s Eve dinner with them. The people were Beibei’s friends!

The young people watched TV with them, comforted them, and stayed up all night until the next morning. Yes, in China people stay up late on New Year’s Eve also.

Ms. Li and her husband were pleasantly surprised — but that was just the beginning. In the following months, every weekend some of Beibei’s friends would visit them; sometimes 3 to 5 of them, and other times 7 or 8, and they never came empty handed.

They would either bring something they needed or take them out for a wonderful dinner. If one of them went on a trip, either business or personal, he/she would bring a gift back for them.

Altogether there were 20 of them, so Ms. Li suddenly gained 20 children. This year, they bought new clothes and mobile phones for Ms. Li and her husband. Whenever Ms. Li missed Beibei, she would call them and talk to them.

In the city of Xianyang, many people heard about their story and praised these young people. When a reporter called three of them, Gao Song in Shanghai, and Li Ming and Ping Shu Wei in Xianyang, they all said that because of their special friendship with Beibei, looking after Beibei’s parents was the right thing to do and they planned to do it until Beibei’s parents leave this world.

Ms. Li said joyfully: “God closed a door, but he opened a window for us.” She could not imagine how life would be without them. Gao Song had sent a train ticket and invited Ms. Li to spend the summer in Shanghai with him, and he took her on a tour of Yellow Mountain. He even called her mom, which filled Ms. Li’s heart with love.

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