10 Ways to Know You’ve Made a Friend for Life

(Image: AdinaVoicu via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

In life you may have lots of friends, but then there will be those few who, when you first meet, you have that special connection, and after a lot of trials and tribulations you know you will forever be in each other’s lives.

Here are 10 ways to know that you have made a friend that will last a lifetime

1. Someone who will help you and comfort you when you are down and out.

2. Someone who has positive energy; who can inspire you when you are depressed.

3. Someone who is willing to be your stepping stone; who will show you the way through mud and fog.

4. Someone who is willing to criticize you politely so you will always know your shortcomings.

5. Someone who is willing to admit their own faults to you.

6. Someone who will pay for your meals or help you with money if you are need it. They pay not because they are rich, but because they value friendship more.

7. Someone who is willing to give up their time to help you unconditionally.

8. Someone who will watch out for you, not because they want to control you, but to make sure you aren’t going astray.

9. Someone who will apologize after an argument. They do that not because they are wrong, but because they know how to cherish a relationship.

10. Someone who, if you haven’t seen or talked to them in a long time, when you meet again, it’s like you never left each other.

Translated by Yi Ming.

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