This Is What Happens When You Are Late for Class in China


A teacher has gone to extreme lengths to help teach her students that education is important and they should not be late for her class. Recently 25 students from the Sichuan Technology and Business University were punished for being late and were made to write: “I did it wrong” 3,500 times.

Their adviser, Yi Han, (pseudonym) then took photos of these handwritten copies, and posted them on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, claiming that her purpose of the punishment was to make students focus on studying, and not to waste time.

Absent student punishement

Yi Han and the 25 students’ handwritten copies of: ‘I did it wrong.’ Each student wrote it 3,500 times. (Image:

When interviewed by Chengdu Shangbao on May 25, Yi Han said the incident dates back to March 19, when 25 students were found to be absent from her English class. Knowing Yi Han was checking who skipped the class, all 25 students went back to the classroom, and apologized to her.

Yi Han remembered to have read news about absent college students being punished to draw emojis, so she asked each of the 25 students to write: “I did it wrong” one time per second of their being late. Since they were 50 minutes late, they had to write it out 3,500 times.

Absent students punishment

A student’s writing. (Image:

In order to warn other students, Yi Han uploaded the photos of these sheets to Weibo. To her surprise, the pictures went viral very quickly! Some netizens’ comments made her feel wronged, but she eventually accepted it after reading supportive comments from netizens and students’ parents. One comment said:

Rather than writing: “I did it wrong” 3,500 times, a netizen suggested that they should copy Tao Te Ching or On Learning a few times, while another netizen thinks an adviser shouldn’t punish absent college students, since college years are the time for students to develop freely; punishment is to warn people who did something wrong, but it’s not always wrong for college students to be late for a class.

Some netizens also shared their experience of being punished to write something similar. One said he/she once wrote 20,000 times, and another said he/she wrote 1,000 times with three pens the same time.

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