The Email Server That Hillary Clinton Wished She Never Had

Hillary Clinton’s trust ledger with the American public has further diminished after an official report into her private email server use during her tenure as Secretary of State showed she “did not comply with the Department’s polices.”

For more than a year, Clinton has been saying otherwise.

It backs up perceptions and recent polls that indicate that plenty of Americans see Clinton as untrustworthy.

“[My] email use was allowed under the rules of the State Department,” says Clinton in one of the examples in the above MSNBC video.

The report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) said:

The report has undermined a whole array of excuses that the Democratic front-runner has made about her server.

According to the report there was no proof that Clinton requested or received approval for her personal email account. The report said that she would not have been allowed to have a private email in her home if she did ask because of security concerns.

Clinton has said in the past that her server was safe, but the report said it had to be shut down because of a cyber-attack. The report also noted that she was concerned that her email had been hacked and did not report the incident to the required authorities.

For more watch this video from CBS Evening News:

The former U.S. Secretary of State also insisted that the server was set up for convenience, but as the above CBS report stated, Clinton used private email because she was concerned about anyone getting access to her personal information.

The report included details about how staff were concerned that her use of emails was not in line with federal record keeping requirements, but they were told not to bring up the matter again. Another staffer also had concerns about Clinton’s email server, but staff were instructed to “never to speak of the Secretary’s personal email system again.”

The State Department’s investigations reviewed records management requirements and polices regarding the use of non-departmental communication systems which evaluated the Office of Secretary, “specifically the tenures of Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright, Colin Powel, Condoleezza Rice, Hilary Clinton, and John Kerry.”

Despite Clinton’s repeated vows to cooperate on the email issue, Clinton and her aides were the only ones who declined to be interviewed by the Office of Inspector General for the report.

The FBI are also conducting their own investigations into the email scandal.

See more from MSNBC on how much of a big issue the Clinton email saga is:

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