Micah Tyler Invented This Crazy Anti-Millennial Acapella Anthem That Perfectly Summarizes a Generation

There is no better description for today’s most notorious generation than this new song. Micah Tyler splits himself into four people so he can sing multiple parts of a song about millennials — that 18 to 34 age group of people who are the object of affection for marketers looking to make ridiculous profits.

Millennials are known for being in debt while still feeling entitled, being arrogant while having shallow understandings, having technological mastery, and wearing funky outfits that were popular in the ’80s.

There is a lot more to this generation, but that’s all anybody knows at this point. As the song mentions, millennials will lead the world in the future, so only time will tell if they grow wise and capable.

Though a lot of people like to put down millennials, they are indeed a sophisticated, smart bunch of people, though in ways that are really new and tied in with technology. This music video was played at the start of a talk at a church conference that sought to open more people up to the potential of millennials. The singer is Micah Tyler, an iTunes gospel favorite who is known for pushing his brand of music called “Southern Soul.”

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