These Two Disabled Men Have Planted 10,000 Trees Together

Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia are two disabled old peasants from Hebei Province. Jia Wenqui has no arms and Jia Haixia is totally blind. Although they have these disabilities, together they have planted over 10,000 trees.

They have been good friends since childhood. Wenqi became disabled after an accident at a young age, and in 2000, Haixia became totally blind. Wenqi comforted him and encouraged him to go on living.

In 2001, the two of them came up with a different idea — to plant trees on the 9 acres of desert land that surrounded their village, which was dry and full of pebbles and sand.

Since they were penniless and could not afford saplings, they used an old method to grow trees — planting tree cuttings from hardy trees, namely poplars and willows.

Everyday, the two of them worked together as a team. Armless Wenqi supported blind Haixia to cut off tree branches, and then carried him on his back across the river.

"When we work together, we don't feel disabled at all." (Screenshot: YouTube)

“When we work together, we don’t feel disabled at all.”

According to reports from foreign media, more than 10,000 trees have been planted. But that was not an easy accomplishment, for in the first year only 2 out of 800 trees they planted survived.

Their next project is to fill the open space with forest, thus turning the barren land green, which will also bring them some income.

Such an inspiring story comes from a simple intent and a giving heart. In life, one’s contribution to mankind is not only measured by one’s abilities, but also by one’s willingness to give.

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