Watch This Cute Corgi Dog Go Absolutely Crazy Whenever It’s Time to Bathe

Who has ever seen a little dog that wants to stay so clean?! Whenever it’s bath time, little “you know who” will come running. He practically jumps into the bathtub like a runner jumping hurdles. I can relate to the enjoyment of warm, running water.

If you need a little refresher on Corgi history, the Corgi is a breed of dog that originated over in Wales. Its name in Welsh literally means “dwarf dog.” There are two distinct types of Corgi’s — the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The dog in this video is a Pembroke. Cardigan Corgi’s have tails. As far as knowing which breed prefers showers over the other, I haven’t seen any such experiments. It could be that this little dog is a standout in that area.

Corgis started out as herders. They would nibble at the legs of cows to keep them together. Farmers didn’t have fences back then, so dogs like these were essential for keeping the herd and the livelihood of farmers together.

Corgis are also legendary dogs. They supposedly had a harness and saddle for fairies and elves to ride them. And if you look at how they run, it does kind of resemble a miniature horse.

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