Get an Inside Look at the Fascinating World of Sneakerheads and Their Secret Economy

Sneakerheads are the people you see standing in line at your local shoe store as soon as a new pair of athletic shoes is released. They purchase the whole shipment as soon as it touches down. It is an economy that is booming, thriving, and making young people rich.

Once sneakers are purchased from the chain stores or online sources, they can be resold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars more. The options for purchasing sneakers have grown tremendously, as all the famous sneaker companies hope to feed the resale market, even though they don’t see profits on scale with the tremendous markups of individuals and specialty resale sneaker shops.

The one thing necessary for capitalizing on the sneaker craze is a source. If you can find a person who has access to the sneakers that get shipped in, you can make money in the sneaker resale market. But to find that person is difficult. You will have to pay attention and scour the streets of New York City to find them.

Sneaker collecting has been around for a long time. In recent years, the popularity of obtaining old and rare sneakers has increased with the production and re-release of various sneaker styles. So now people keep closets packed with numerous varieties of athletic footwear.

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