How to Turn Baking Cookies Into an Outer Space Adventure

Baking cookies was never this fun. But the reason why it’s fun is because it’s not real. Despite how moist and scrumptious the cookies look at the end of the video, it’s not because he’s using those particular ingredients or doing anything remotely right in the kitchen. This is the Internet, and time slows down and speeds up, ingredients change, and reality bends as soon as you blink.

Though I don’t recommend following his cookie making advice, you can sure get a few laughs in before the cookies burn if you try this at home. He probably purchased some real cookies and threw them in the oven at the end to look like he baked them. I know they are peanut butter cookies and all, but peanut butter cookies wouldn’t actually use so much peanut butter. You need a lot of flour and real cookie ingredients so you don’t burn everything.

If you want real cooking advice, head to a more reputable place in the Internet. If you just want to share a laugh with a friend who is also into cooking, then check out the rest of the videos on You Suck At Cooking’s YouTube channel. The channel owner has risen to popularity with his fake cooking advice, something we all aspire to do.

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