See This Awesome Skateboarder Ollie Over 8 Stacked Skateboards

This is a massive height that would leave your average skateboarder kissing the concrete. But this is not your ordinary skateboarder. This skateboarder is Doug Des Autels. He’s a Los Angeles-based skateboarder who runs the YouTube channel amskater. He uses his YouTube channel to promote skateboarding and showcase other skateboarders.

In this case, he gets to show off his ollie skills for the Braille Skateboarding company channel. Braille skateboarding does product reviews, hosts trick challenges, makes tutorials, and basically has a lot of fun. Aaron Kyro runs Braille out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He first started the company as a way to open a distribution channel for skateboarding videos. His mission is to help people learn how to skateboard in order to popularize the sport.

After much trial and error, Doug finally gets fully over the eight skateboard stack. Fortunately, it looks like Braille doesn’t leave anything on the cutting room floor, and shows us all his attempts and failures. That way, if you want to try and do the same thing, you can just reference Doug. I think I could jump over about half a board, if even that. Maybe he could have jumped higher if he had less attention on him at the skate park.

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