Eating Boiled Pig Ears for the First Time Isn’t That Bad If They Never Tell You What They Are

This tasty, delicious salad with boiled pig ears is called nam sod. Nam sod is a type of salad from Thailand consisting of a meat, in this case pig ears seasoned with lime juice, mint, and fish sauce, then placed on top of a salad or wrapped in lettuce leaves. It’s obviously a tasty, well-seasoned dish if these people would eat it despite having pig ears in it.

I’ve eaten pig ears that weren’t in such a well boiled dish before. In that case, you can definitely taste the ear. While chewing it, I got the sensation of chewing my own ear. It was very rubbery. It’s a dish that I will try my best to avoid in future culinary encounters. But in that case, it was Chinese Szechuan-style cold and spicy pig ears. This Thai boiled pig ear might go down easier.

Pig ears are a surprising part of many country’s cuisines. Even in the United States, there are soul food dishes that use pig ears. In many countries that eat pig ears, it is cooked, seasoned, and served as a snack or appetizer.

You won’t exactly find pig ears in your average local supermarket, but if you live in an area that sells it or have a specialty supermarket nearby, try and make your own pig ear salad.

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