5-Year-Old Impresses Steve Harvey With Amazing Kung Fu Skills

Bruce Lee has legions of extraordinarily dedicated fans. Even though he died in 1973, over 40 years ago, his popularity hasn’t declined. His kung fu skills were legendary, both in his on screen portrayals and in his off screen martial arts antics. He took traditional kung fu and mixed it with karate weapons like nunchuks, and with boxing and fencing skills as well. He had many famous students who studied his brand of martial arts.

Because he was unusually good at using nunchuks, many associate nunchuks with Bruce Lee. That’s why this little guy reflects the demeanor of Bruce Lee so strikingly as he imagines striking opponents with his chuks. Most untrained adults would hurt themselves before they’d hurt anybody else when trying to use nunchuks. That’s why nunchuks are a great way to develop coordination even though as a weapon in combat, they aren’t so effective due to their short range.

Little Big Shots is a new TV series produced by Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres. In addition to Little Big Shots, Steve Harvey hosts a radio show, as well as his own TV talk show. He also hosts game show Family Feud. DeGeneres hosts her own highly successful and long-running TV talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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