Thousands Rally in Hong Kong to Remember the Tiananmen Massacre (Images)

On June 4, the people of Hong Kong did what the people in China can’t — thousands gathered in Victoria Park to remember the Tiananmen Square massacre that shocked the world 27 years ago.


Passing on the fire; people start to light their candles before the rally. (Image: Vision Times)

The organizer of this rally, alliance chairman Albert Ho Chun-yan, told Vision Times it was “very rare that there are still over 120,000 people in attendance at Victoria Park after 27 years.”

tiananmen 1

Hope for the future lies in the next generation. A boy standing up and looking seriously and thoughtfully at the candlelight vigil. (Image: Vision Times)

“In the history of mankind, there have never been so many people for so many years gathered at the same venue to protest… We are proud of Hong Kong,” he went on to say.

tiananmen 2

Lots of young people participated in the June 4 candlelight vigil. (Image: Vision Times)

Ho noted that nowhere else in the world was there such a long-standing, large-scale protest, calling the vigil “a record in human history.”

tiananmen 3

Even though this man is in a wheelchair, he came out to support the cause. (Image: Vision Times)

“I believe Hongkongers will continue to be determined until we reach our goal,” he added.


So many people attended that they could not all sit inside the designated area and had to stand. (Image: Vision Times)

In the featured video, Albert Ho Chun-yan says: “We want to vindicate the 1989 patriotic movement. We condemn the June 4 massacre, and call for those responsible to be brought to justice.

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