The Arduous Journey to Track Down the Poison Dart Frog

Don’t worry that Coyote Peterson is in danger, it’s only if he eats the frog that the poison can transfer. At least for this particular species, the toxicity is lower. The only chance of danger is if you had an open cut that the frog came in contact with.

The main challenge for Coyote and the team was finding and getting hold of one of these tiny amphibians. But they not only managed to catch one, but also managed to see a territorial battle between two male frogs. Tiny frogs fighting is pretty funny. They’re fighting style is limited by their bodily form.

Poison dart frog habitats extend from the rainforests of Costa Rica to Brazil. The highly saturated coloring on the frog’s body is meant to let predators know to stay away. The poison might comes from the frog’s diet. Some scientists think that the frog synthesizes the insects it eats into the poison that stays in its body.

In captive environments where the frogs don’t have access to their natural prey, the poison does not develop. Some types of poison frogs have enough poison to kill 10 people. That’s why their poison has been used by indigenous people when hunting.

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