Christina Grimmie Tribute Song to Ease the Pain of the Singer’s Early Death

Christina Grimmie’s death was startling news for the music community, and for all of her fans. On June 10, a gunman opened fire on the singer while she was signing autographs after a Florida show before shooting himself.

The horrible act of violence against the rising star singer is the reason why her fellow YouTube music star and collaborator Sam Tsui was moved to do a solo version of a song that he and Grimmie recorded together for an earlier YouTube video.

Grimmie and Tsui are some of the most followed singers on YouTube, and their cover of Nelly’s Just a Dream has hundreds of thousands of views. Both singers have had opportunities in the music industry that stemmed from their YouTube success. Grimmie was well known for her Season 6 appearance on The Voice where she worked closely with singer Adam Levine.

Considering Grimmie’s friends in the music industry, big stars like Selena Gomez and all the judges of The Voice, we should continue to see tributes like this in the days and weeks to come. Grimmie was only 22 years old, and her death has already sparked further discussion on gun laws in America, while nobody yet knows the motive of the shooter.

Let’s celebrate her life and enjoy her biggest YouTube hit one more time.

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