Watch a Wild Sea Otter Swim Up to a Beach and Make a Human Friend

Watching this wild sea otter swim up to this man is a tense moment in history. Fortunately, it’s a peaceful, playful otter, and just wants to make friends.

Every moment watching this you can’t help but wonder if the man could get bitten, attacked, scratched, or have something crazier happen, but after a little bit of playtime, his otter buddy just happily swims away.

There are currently 13 otter species in existence, with all but one of those species having dwindling populations. Otters need to eat quite a lot of food each day to keep warm and healthy.

They can spend an excessive amount of time hunting, anywhere from 3 to 8 hours per day, depending on the species and whether or not it is a new mother. Nursing mothers have greater food needs. The rest of the time otters are playing or sleeping.

Different otter species spend different amounts of time in the water. Some types of otters can spend a long amount of time in the water, while others are less able to do so because of the need to keep their fur dry.

Otters are the mammal with the most fur, having two layers designed for buoyancy and warmth.

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