Dogs Help a Woman Stuck Between Boulders for 8 Days

Temple on a mountain in Sichuan Province. (Image: Lyle Vincent via Flickr)
Temple on a mountain in Sichuan Province. (Image: Lyle Vincent via Flickr)

A 60-year-old woman was caught in a mudslide in Sichuan, China. She became stuck between two big boulders, and was unable to 
free herself. After eight days, she was rescued, and only suffered symptoms of dehydration. The woman who was trapped said that it was an amazing 

She went to the Fuyin Temple on April 30 to worship Buddha, and planned to come back on June 1. On the way, an earthquake in the region caused a mudslide that left her stuck between two boulders.

Some survived the earthquake and some not. (Image: NTD)

Some survived the earthquake, and some did not. (Image: NTD)

Due to the earthquake, people had evacuated the area and she lost all hope
 of being able to make it out alive. Miraculously, two dogs came by and provided temporary relief from the stress of the situation. Her lips became cracked 
from dehydration, and one of the dogs licked her lips while the other 
licked at her blood-stained face.

They stayed with her and became her spiritual support. They also barked from time to 
time, which was finally heard by the temple
 abbot, who called for help. A rescue team found the old woman by tracking the dogs’ barking. The two dogs stayed with her through the rescue, and left only after she was 
safely carried to the ambulance.

(Image: NTD)

The woman was accompanied by two strange dogs for 196 hours, and was eventually saved. (Image: NTD)

Translation edited by David Jirard.

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