5 Natural Ways to Purify and Freshen Your Home

Try these natural ways to freshen your home. (Image: newhouse via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)
Try these natural ways to freshen your home. (Image: newhouse via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

Keeping your house smelling fresh is not as simple as it sounds. Using air fresheners — such as plug-ins, gels, aerosols, candles, or incense — are common ways to freshen a house around the world. However, while they smell great, evoking feelings of contentment and even nostalgia, they also come with some disturbing consequences.

A majority of products designed to “freshen the air within your home” are actually polluting the air with a range of toxic chemicals, with most containing phthalates, which have direct links to cancer and hormone disruption.

However, you may think the plug-in type fresheners are healthier, but what they actually do is coat your nasal passages with an oil film called methoxychlor. Over time, this film kills the nerves in your nose, resulting in reducing your ability to smell.

But not to despair, we have five all-natural alternatives to keep your home smelling clean and fresh, and filter the air as well. Here they are:

Essential oil diffuser

(Image: Your Best Digs via flickr/CC BY 2.0)

Essential oils used in a diffuser can freshen your home and enhance your mood. (Image: Your Best Digs)

They can be pricey, but they are worth the investment. Diffusers allow the safe distribution of natural and often therapeutic essential oils throughout your home. These do not only make the house smell great, but they can also provide healing through aromatherapy.

Some oils can relieve stress, clear congestion, boost your mood, and calm your mind — to name just a few. If buying a diffuser is out of the question, then you can also add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water.

Natural candles

(Image: Michael via flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0)

Natural candles release negative ions, which freshen the air. (Image: Michael via flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0)

When using candles, always use beeswax or soy candles, as they do not contain paraffin. When burning candles that do not contain paraffin, they release negative ions that then bind themselves with the positive ions in the air, which causes them to fall to the ground, thus preventing them from ending up in your lungs.

Himalayan salt lamp

(Image: porcupiny via flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Himalayan salt lamps purify the air in your home. (Image: porcupiny via flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Himalayan salt lamps also purify the air, much in the same way that natural candles do by emitting negative ions.

Baking soda

(Image: evitaochel via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

Hiding bowls of baking soda can help to absorb odors. (Image: evitaochel via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

Hiding open boxes or bowls of baking soda around the home where odors tend be — like the entrance way, coat closet, litter box, bathroom, etc. — can also help to keep odors at bay.



Spraying a mixture of vinegar and water in the air in your house can freshen it. (Image: EvolvingScenes/ Pixabay / CC0 1.0 )

A good way to neutralize odors in the air, or even on upholstery, is to mix three parts white vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Then spray onto the surface or directly into the air.

The vinegar will then neutralize the odor naturally. (Don’t worry, the vinegar smell fades away fairly quickly).

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