These Pictures Are Created Using Ballpoint Pens

    'Tibetan Child' was created by Dan Zhou, which took him 300 hours to accomplish. What's more amazing is this is not an oil painting, but was created using ballpoint pens. (Image: Wechat)Another of Dan Zhou's picture using just ballpoint pens. (Image: Wechat)A photo of one of his pictures in process. Dan has just started. (Image: Wechat)Half way through! (Image: Wechat)Almost there! (Image: Wechat)Crab, by Dan Zhou. (Image: Wechat)Van Gogh's sunflowers? Dan Zhou's sunflowers? (Image: Wechat)Another of Dan's works portraying a Tibetan lady. (Image: Wechat)

    The painting above is called Tibetan Child. The first time I saw it, I simply couldn’t relate it to ballpoint pens. After a little research, it turned out I wasn’t alone, as many netizens believed it was an oil painting on canvas, until the artist eventually revealed how he created his pictures.

    The artist who has done all these fabulous works is Dan Zhou, a 23-year-old from Hebei, China. Dan said that he has loved to paint since childhood, and fine-tuned his drawing technique in high school. In college, though his major was not related to painting, he didn’t give it up.

    Dan Zhou and his portrait. (Image: Wechat)

    Dan Zhou holding his portrait. (Image: Wechat)

    Dan said his first work with ballpoint pens was done in high school. He just grabbed the pen and drew his table and books. Then in his first year in college, Dan said:

    The picture Tibetan Child is so far the most time-consuming one, and it took Dan 300 hours to accomplish. Not only did it consume a lot of time, it also used up a lot of pens, and was eventually born from “loneliness and hope.” Dan has put in so much heart and effort that the little Tibetan girl looks alive, and juts out from the picture. Take a closer look; you can see the reflection of people in the girl’s eyes.

    Dan has now become very popular on Weibo, China’s Twitter, and receives large amounts of new fans everyday who send him messages. Sometimes he receives so many messages his phone dies.

    Dan said he would like to open a studio in Qinghuangdao, and is thinking of teaching students to draw with ballpoint pens.

    When asked which picture he thinks is the best, Dan laughed and said that people who love to draw all know that the best picture is the next one.

    Researched by Monica Song.

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