Nine Plants That Will Boost Your Health, Wealth, and Luck

These nine plants will boost your health, wealth, and luck. (Image: Vision Times)
These nine plants will boost your health, wealth, and luck. (Image: Vision Times)

It’s no mystery that positive people attract positive things into their lives. In fact, the Chinese have known this for thousands of years. They believe that a person who surrounds himself with positive energy will naturally become healthier, wealthier, and luckier.

If you think you could use a boost of positive energy in your life, then you might want to try placing one or more of the following nine plants in your home. Not only are these plants attractive, but according to the Chinese, they are auspicious, and emit an uplifting vibration.

1. Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is thought to bring a wise and peaceful energy into your home. It teaches you how to be open (hollow) and flexible so that the chi energy in your body can flow freely and heal your being. Contrary to what most people believe, this plant is not a true bamboo, but a member of the Dracena family, or Dracaena sanderiana (a type of tropical house plant).

2. Kumquat

The Chinese character for kumquat is composed of the characters “gold” and “orange.” The word orange in Chinese mandarin is pronounced exactly as the word luck. Therefore, having a kumquat in your home is thought to bring continuous luck and treasure into your life.

Kumquat (Image: Vision Times)

Kumquats. (Image: Vision Times)

3. Cat-tail willow

The cat-tail willow is also called the “treasure-booster flower.” Its buds grow upward and are adorned with sparkling silver coats. Thus, having this plant in your home is thought to bring increased fortune or treasure.

Cat-Tail Willow (Image: Vision Times)

Cat-tail willow. (Image: Vision Times)

4. Chinese narcissus

The Chinese narcissus plant grows in water. The water is thought to purify one’s surroundings, thus it attracts good things into your life, such as luck and success.

Chinese Narcissus (Image: Vision Times)

Chinese narcissus. (Image: Vision Times)

5. Evergreen

The word evergreen in Chinese Mandarin means “green forever,” and represents longevity. A person who enjoys longevity must be sturdy, harmonious, and forbearing. Only in this way can one overcome the many hardships in life. This is why the Chinese call the pine, bamboo, and plum trees “the three icons in the bitter cold winter.”

Evergreen (Image: Vision Times)

Evergreen. (Image: Vision Times)

6. Orchid

Orchids are said to increase one’s popularity, particularly gladiolus flowers. Their step-like structure denotes popularity and good relationships.

Orchid (Image: Vision Times)

Orchid. (Image: Vision Times)

7. Tulip

Tulips, in general, denote perfect love. Different colored tulips carry different meanings. Yellow tulips represent elegance and nobility; pink tulips denote beauty, friendship, and happiness; red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, confirmation, and joy; and purple tulips symbolize royalty and an enduring nature.

Tulip (Image: Vision Times)

Tulips. (Image: Vision Times)

8. Winter sweet blossom

Winter sweet blossoms are both noble and elegant. Although the blossoms are small, they emit an abundant fresh fragrance.

Winter Sweet Blossom (Image: Vision Times)

Winter sweet blossom (Image: Vision Times)

9. Peach blossom

If you place peach blossoms in your home, the air will feel garden fresh, just like spring!

Peach Blossom (Image: Vision Times)

Peach blossoms. (Image: Vision Times)

Translated by Jean Chen and Aizhu Lu. Edited by Mark Pence.

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