Is it Parents Who Make it Hard for Children to Concentrate?

A mother spending time together with her little boy. (Image: via  pixabay /  CC0 1.0)
A mother spending time together with her little boy. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

While being bothered by children’s inattention on completing their homework, parents might need to look at themselves for the causes. Actually, in real life, parents have the best chance to help their children solve problems by going through some focus training themselves, and by cultivating good living habits.  

Here is a focus training game that parents can play with their children at home. The game is called “sitting on a chair with positive thinking.”

First, the parent prepares a chair for them and the child to sit together. Then, they have the child try to sit still with their eyes closed thinking of interesting things. Meanwhile, the parent records the time duration during which the child sits still.  

This game is to help the child who has concentration problems to effectively coordinate the brain and the body. Usually, after a few weeks’ training, the child is able to develop the capability of concentration and positive self-restraint.

The aforementioned game is easy; nevertheless, it has pronounced effects on children who are out of focus while doing daily things.

Good living habits or disciplines are effective factors for improving children’s attention. Parents may often complain that their children are so forgetful, like forgetting to carry keys on the way out, forgetting to bring money for shopping, or forgetting to pick up the merchandise after paying for it, etc.

Nonetheless, does it ever occur to the parent that their child’s bad memory might be caused by one of their own bad habits? Actually, parents need to look at themselves for the cause when their child is forgetful.

Disoriented children come from disoriented parents. For example, some parents like to “run the whole show” for their kids. Since a child is a child, while small, he or she usually is pretty awkward and not organized in doing things.

If the parent is not patient enough to allow the child to learn and practice doing things by messing around, they end up doing the things for the child. As a result, the child becomes dependent and lacks initiative.

A rancher asked his children to do hard labor at the ranch every holiday. One of his friends told him: “You do not need to exhaust your children; the crops will still grow just as well.” The rancher answered: “I am educating my children, not simply growing crops.”

Translated by: Jean Chen

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