Chinese Believe Harmony at Home Leads to Prosperity

Harmony is the key to a happy relationship. (Image: via  pixabay /  CC0 1.0)
Harmony is the key to a happy relationship. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

The traditional Chinese word “侣” (Lǚ) is a combination of characters that can be used to symbolize a couple as partners and their hearts must be connected together. Only when their hearts and virtue are united as one will the couple live in harmony. The Chinese also believe this will bring an abundance of wealth.

1. Hearts and virtue together in unison

In life, when a husband and wife live in harmony, it will draw the envy of neighbors, the relief of parents, and friends and relatives will look up to them. In every aspect, people are willing to lend them a hand if they are in need. So, the couple’s unity is likened to the credibility of a bank that earns the trust of the people — confidence and, ultimately, the accumulation of wealth.

2. Being thrifty at home

Being thrifty is a Chinese virtue. Even though a family’s financial situation may be good because of assistance from their parents, or because of a high income job, they still need to learn to be thrifty. Virtue is derived from being thrifty, and wealth from diligence. These can lead to an accumulation of blessings, virtue, and long-lasting happiness.

3. Keeping a clean and tidy home

Some couples live in houses that are only 40 to 50 square meters, which may not be big, but they are able to maintain their houses well, with proper arrangements. This shows that these couples have management skills and clear thinking, allowing them to approach life full of energy.

4. Appearance must be tidy and neat

In life, your appearance must be tidy and neat; otherwise, you may be perceived not to be ethical or virtuous. Needless to say, you will not be respected by others. Irrespective of gender, it is important that your character, behavior, and appearance must be upright.

Translated by: Chua BC

Copyedited by Alan Cheung

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