The Almighty Team

Forget all the excuses saying 'impossible,' but stick to the one saying: 'Yes, I can.' (Vladimir Voronin/
Forget all the excuses saying 'impossible,' but stick to the one saying: 'Yes, I can.' (Vladimir Voronin/

You’ve already come so far; don’t give up easily. To live in a graceful way, you will need infinite forbearance, without complaints or explanations. Forget all the excuses saying “impossible,” but stick to the one saying: “Yes, I can.”

1. What is a goal?

A goal is nothing but the idea that stays on your mind, day and night, and lights a fire inside you when you think about it.

2. What is faith?

Faith is nothing but the view that leads you to move forward through sarcasm, coldness, stumbles, falls, and the valley of despair.

3. What is fortitude?

Fortitude is nothing but the guts to hold your first point, even after you experience the midnight sobbing, the loneliness deep inside, and the coldness of life.

4. What is calm?

Calm is nothing but the regular heartbeat in front of temptation. It is the unchanged look facing the frustrations, and the graceful smile against all odds.

5. What is a team?

A team is nothing but the people who undergo the sunlight and storms, the ups and downs together, and who are willing to create miracles from trials and hardships.

First, find the right platform

Whether you are full of wit or conventional tendencies, if you put yourself in the right place, you will maintain righteous thoughts, righteous views, righteous words, and righteous acts. Remember, humans are the products of their environment.

Second, make “good” friends

Birds of a feather flock together. You are either influencing others, or being influenced by others. Keep in mind that who you make friends with will determine what your life looks like.

Third, follow the ones who command respect

Those who command respect are the people who inspire and help you. They may get mad at you, but they won’t abandon you. They will support you from the beginning to the end, and cheer for your victory!

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