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The Size of Xumi Mountain and a Mosquito Liver

A and B met each other and they were both angry. B asked A: “Why do you look upset?” A replied: “I live in the midland of the earth, but I can hear things from tens of thousands of miles away. When I was doing meditation, I heard a Buddhist monk in the Western Paradise chanting. I thought it was too noisy and ordered him to stop. The monk just ignored me and continued. I was very mad. So I grabbed the Xumi Mountain and used it as a rock to hit him. I did not expect that the monk would just blink his eyes and wipe them with his hands. He mumbled: “Where are the ashes coming from? They almost blurred my eyes. He then continued to chant. I was not able to stop him at all. Isn’t this annoying?

A then asked B: “Why are you angry?” B replied: “A visitor came to my house yesterday. I didn’t have anything to treat him. I caught a mosquito. I dissected the mosquito and took out the heart and the liver. I cut them into 120 pieces. I cooked them for him to eat. But the pieces stuck in his throat. He said they were too big to eat. He was mad at me for that. Now, he is still complaining at my home. Isn’t this annoying?”

A said: “How come he has such a small throat?” B said: “Since you have such good ears that you could hear the Western Paradise and large hands that could hold the Xumi Mountain, can’t you allow me to have a small throat that could not pass a mosquito’s heart and liver?”

About Good Laughs

The Good Laughs meant to nourish good heart with stories. (Image: Bernadette Wolf / Vision Times)
Good Laughs meant to nourish the heart with stories. (Image: Bernadette Wolf / Vision Times)

Good Laughs (笑得好) is a collection of short stories edited by the Chinese doctor Cheng-Jin Shi (石成金) of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). This collection can be considered as the Chinese version of Aesop’s Fables. Dr. Shi was believed to have lived between the Kangxi and early Qianlong reigns. He also authored many other books on remedies for life and health.

Good Laughs is meant to nourish the heart with stories. In the preface, Dr. Shi wrote: “People are entertained by being sarcastic; I inspire people with sarcasm. It entertains the heart, but it can also save a life like acupuncture.”

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