• Ida Aftermath: 2 Million Without Power on the ‘Island’ of New Orleans

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, New Orleans metro residents were left on what local electric supplier Entergy calls an ‘island’ without power following “catastrophic transmission failure” at all eight grid access points. In assessing the impact of the electrical outage the governor of Louisiana John Bel…

  • JAPAN-AFGHANISTAN-CONFLICT_C-130_plane_GettyImages

    Clock Running Out on Evacuations from Afghanistan: Japan Struggles to Airlift Nationals, Brings Afghans to Islamabad at US Request

    As the clock runs out in Afghanistan, Japan’s Self-Defense Force planes are waiting nearby in a secure location pending any developments. Japan has a list of at least 500 citizens awaiting extraction, according to diplomatic sources, but so far has been able to bring one person out. Bound by…

  • Ida

    Ida Leaves 2 Million Without Power, Louisiana Governor Fears Death Toll Could Rise ‘A Lot More’

    First responders worked urgently before sunrise Monday, Aug. 30, to rescue drivers trapped in cars during the storm surge. NBC’s Today Show shared that in LaPlace alone, in St. John the Baptist Parish, at least 1,000 people had called for assistance asking to be rescued from their cars. The  Mayor…

  • IdaHurricane

    Ida Puts Post-Katrina New Orleans to the Test; NHC Warns Potentially Deadly Storm Surge Is Not Over

    Hurricane Ida at present is not the fatal storm that some may have feared, but is still a force to be reckoned with, putting post-Katrina New Orleans to the test. The National Hurricane Center warns that the potentially fatal storm surge is not over and will remain a threat through…

  • Japanese planes are reportedly perched near Afghanistan, awaiting orders to begin a rescue mission.

    Japanese Military Planes Deploy on Rescue Mission to Afghanistan; G7 Meeting on Afghanistan Will Be Online

    Three Japanese Air Self-Defense Force (SDF) aircraft are nestled near Afghanistan in an undisclosed country after flying from Japan on Monday to await the go-ahead from American forces in Afghanistan.  They are on an extraction mission to remove Japanese nationals and local staff of the Japanese embassy…

  • July Fourth at Mount Vernon: an All American Celebration

    On this hot and sunny Fourth of July, a crowd gathered on the lawn of Mount Vernon to view an actor in a chestnut brown frock coat and white stockings. Unfolding a large document while simultaneously holding his walking stick, “Benjamin Franklin” peered at the crowd through round spectacles balanced…

  • Japan’s Kirin Brewery Cancels Joint Venture with Tatmadaw After Myanmar Coup

    Rappler reported that Japan’s Kirin Brewery has abruptly ended a controlling stake in one of its few growth markets, joint-ventures Myanmar Brewery and Mandalay Brewery, which are controlled on the Myanmar side under MEHL Holdings — a Myanmar venture tied to the Tatmadaw.  Kirin stated in a news release on Feb. 5 that the beverage […]

  • Military Coup in Myanmar: Tatmadaw Claims Constitutional Emergency, Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD Party Under House Arrest

    Although military leaders in Burma (Myanmar) asserted for a second time Sunday that no coup was in progress, according to a spokesman for the opposition party, National League for Democracy (NLD), a coup seems to be exactly what took place on Monday when Associated Press (AP) reported that internet and phone access to the capital, […]

  • D.C. National Guard Mission Well-Served, but Concerns Linger Over Troops’ Treatment

    In the days leading up to the Jan. 20 Inauguration, 25,600 National Guard members were brought in to secure the District of Columbia after rioters took advantage of a large pro-Trump rally to breach the Capitol and cause mayhem during the Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 6. Speaking to the Military Times, Guardsman Spc. […]