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The Power of Kindness: Kong Yong Quells a Rebellion Without a Fight

Traditional Chinese culture has always followed the values of kindness when dealing with people and situations, emphasizing the beauty of kindness in the heart. Not only is kindness admired, but the light it exudes can also lead the wicked back to their senses. If evil meets evil, disaster follows. Only kindness can truly convert and change a person.  Kong […]

Accumulation of Virtue by Ancestors and the Prosperity of Future Generations

Do we actually inherit rewards for the goodness accumulated by our ancestors? Some religions believe that we do. Is there a tangible connection between the virtuous lives of our ancestors, their sacrifices, and the prosperity bestowed on later generations? Chinese society is very patriarchal, and they will consider the future of their male offspring in […]

A Feng Shui Master’s Bowl of Water

The ancient Chinese believed that five factors can help a person achieve a good life. Being a person of virtue is of greatest importance, followed by a good destiny. The location of one’s house (feng shui) can influence minor aspects of one’s life, while a person who has inherited a great fortune has the financial means […]

The Most Frightening Thing Is When People Aren’t Afraid of Anything

Before the Chinese Communist Party usurped power in 1949, the Chinese were a very righteous and moral people. In a revered and sacred way, they were afraid of the ways of God and Heaven. They knew that to defy Heaven brought misfortune and bad luck, and listening to Heaven brought prosperity. Confucius said: “A gentleman […]

The Guqin: Playing Music From the Heart

The guqin is a five- or seven-stringed plucked instrument originating in Ancient China. It was considered essential to know how to play the instrument by ancient men of virtue because it was a symbol of saintliness and noble character. The music of the guqin blends in with the traditional culture and reflects a distinct, simple, […]

Su Shi, the Poet Who Was Also a Water Supply Engineer

Su Shi was a celebrity in the Song Dynasty with multiple identities. He was a politician, scholar, leader of the Shu Party, and a great calligrapher, gourmet, and poet. However, we may not know about Su’s other identity, that of a fantastic engineer. Su served as an official in Huizhou in his later years and […]

Intriguing Traditions of the Chinese Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is one of the most celebrated holidays across Asia and it officially marks the last day of the Lunar New Year celebrations. It falls on the 15th day of the 1st month on the Lunar Calendar, the first night of the year’s full moon. So this year it is on Friday, February […]

A Tale of Immediate Reward for Virtue and Doing a Good Deed

It is said that a person is rich and prosperous for a reason. Accumulation of virtue, in this life or from previous lives, can be exchanged into wealth and prosperity. This is a true story from the Qing Dynasty of immediate reward for doing a good deed. In the Shunzhi era, an elderly farmer from Longxi […]

Nian – A Lunar New Year Story

There is a legend as to why during the Chinese New Year Festival doors are decorated with Chinese couplets on red paper, people wear red clothing, firecrackers are set off, and families make dumplings. The legend started about 4,000 years ago, when there was a vicious monster known as Nian 年兽 (pronounced nián shòu) that […]

Vision Times Wishes Our Readers a Happy Chinese New Year 2021

A traditional greeting to our readers on Lunar New Year 2021 — we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

The Three Holy Temple

The Ling Bridge, located on the Fenghua River in the center of Ningbo is famous for its unique appearance. It has a large iron archway that is visible for miles. On one side of the bridge is the Three Holy Temple. The original Ling Bridge began its life as an ordinary wooden structure spanning the […]

Fascinating Rituals and Customs Surrounding Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a traditional festival with a long history. It’s the most important holiday for Chinese people, and thus much attention has been paid to it since ancient times. Its preparation starts seven days before New Year’s Eve, from the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month. The activities and customs during the festival are listed […]

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