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Incredible Ancient Art of Chinese Face Reading

Chinese face reading, also known as physiognomy, has a history going back thousands of years in China. In ancient China, there was a saying: “If you want to know whether someone is wise, just look at their forehead; if you want to know about a person’s reputation, nobleness, wealth, blessings, and longevity, look at their […]

Lithuanian Lullaby: Step Back in Time and Hear These Beautiful Sounds

The lullaby is evocative of a mother’s love, care, and protection, of being cradled in her tender arms, and of being tucked-in at bedtime. The lullaby is the memory of our grandmothers and our ancestors. It is an archetypical sound, ancestral, as well as a foundational connection with our culture. Lithuania is a beautiful country […]

A Trending Craft: Irish Quilt Patterns

One of the main reasons behind making the world connect virtually was to ensure that cultures can cross borders and mingle without having to leave the comfort of their homes or sacrifice jobs or hobbies. You can always invest time in both your profession and your passion by putting your energy into something like Irish quilt […]

Why Do the Japanese Take Off Their Shoes When Entering a House?

If you have been to Japan, you know that the Japanese take off their shoes according to long-standing traditions about removing shoes before entering homes and other indoor places. The custom of removing your footwear before entering a house stems from the Heian period between the years 794 and 1185. While a house could quickly become dirty […]

How Displaying the Chinese Character ‘Fu’ Brings You Good Fortune (Part 2)

Ordinary people are no comparison to Emperor Kangxi, who with a pious heart, fasted and cleansed himself for three days before writing the character “fu” about a half-meter tall, which enabled his grandmother, Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang, to miraculously recover her health. (See Part 1 here). However, can displaying “fu” bring you good fortune as well? It […]

The Mesmerising Tradition of Japan’s Ama-San Free-Diving Women

The Ama-San women of Japan uphold a 2,000-year-old tradition of free-diving. Ama means “sea woman,” and the connection these women have with the ocean is one of utmost care and respect, something in this day and age we could all learn from. Why Ama-San divers are treasured What makes the Ama unique is that they rejected modern technology that would […]

Japanese Carpentry: Constructing Buildings Without Nails or Screws

Is it possible to set up residential buildings and other structures without using metal fasteners like nails and screws? For the majority of people, the idea would seem improbable and unrealistic. Yet, the reality is that traditional Japanese carpentry has been using a technique of building structures without using metal parts for several centuries. Japan […]

Lucky Money Management

There is a custom in China for parents and grandparents to give lucky money to their children and grandchildren on Lunar New Year’s Eve. It is a year-end bonus for each child. I have two daughters. When the elder daughter was in fifth grade, we spent New Year’s Eve in their grandparents’ place. The children […]

How Displaying the Chinese Character ‘Fu’ Brings You Good Fortune

As we celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Ox in 2021, we wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. We hope your new year is filled with good fortune and blessings. As part of Chinese traditions, the Chinese people welcome the New Year by cleaning their homes thoroughly, hanging red couplets, and a […]

Ancient Paths to Riches: Indian Vase of Virtue and Aladdin’s Lamp of Arabia

The Vase of Virtue and the Divine Lamp are two different artifacts, each guiding different pathways to riches in the legends of ancient India and ancient Arabia. Two different cultures with different beliefs and ethnic groups, but both representing the same universal values. Vase of Virtue: dreams and riches In ancient India, a very poor […]

Professor Wu Ningkun: Conscience of the Chinese Nation (Part 2)

At the beginning of 1951, Wu Ningkun, who was studying in the United States at the time, received a letter of appointment from Lu Zhiwei, the President of Yanjing University, asking him to be the professor of English. At that time, he naively thought: “Giving up a most affluent capitalist career and returning to serve […]

Professor Wu Ningkun: Conscience of the Chinese Nation (Part 1)

On August 10, 2019, Professor Wu Ningkun, a renowned Chinese-born translator and Emeritus Professor of English Literature, passed away at his home in the United States. The much-beloved Professor was 99 years old. In 1993, Professor Wu published his memoirs called A Single Tear in the U.S. This autobiographical book about his life in communist […]

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