Sad Tale of a Rich Businessman and His 4 Wives

A rich businessman had four wives. He loved his fourth wife the most. He gave her beautiful clothes to wear, gave her delicious food to eat, and he looked after her very well. He gave her the best of everything. He also loved his third wife. He was quite proud of her, always showed her […]

Struck by a Meteorite, Her Life Was Changed Forever

Seeing a “shooting star” silently glide through the night sky, even though it may last only a matter of seconds, is a glorious and awe-inspiring sight. Occasionally, we hear of fragments of meteorites falling from the sky and hitting someone or a village. There are also stories of people selling space rock fragments and getting rich […]

The Rich Are Worth Just a Few Dollars More

We share 3 wisdom and insight stories to help you take another look at your life’s balance sheets to determine whether you are rich, very wealthy, or poor. You may be surprized at what you find. 1. How to know if you are really rich or poor A rich Singaporean who was known for his […]

How Productive You Are Does Not Determine Your Self-Worth

Growing up, we were often told by our peers that life is a rat-race and we must run faster if we wish to achieve any happiness and self-worth in life. So deeply ingrained in our mind is this lesson that we forget to be happy living in the moment while we are chasing some mythical […]

People Must Be Generous

The most fulfilling life is one lived with tolerance, broad-mindedness, and a generous heart. If you don’t have these qualities, the world will be a tiny place and the road you walk will be extremely narrow. Some people are violent and angry, losing their temper over the smallest things. Others are kind-hearted, tolerant, and courteous, […]

Healing Power of Ancient Bathing Rituals

A long, hot soak with essential oils and fragrant body wash is the ultimate recipe for relaxation after a tiring day. Today, bathing is a private exercise that helps us de-stress and revitalize. But historically speaking, this is a relatively new development. Throughout history, the activity of bathing was mostly public or else tied to […]

There’s a Better Way to Parenting: Less Yelling and Less Praise

Raising children the proper way has been an eternal dilemma for parents. Michaeleen Doucleff attempts to clear up some of the myths associated with parenting. The noted NPR journalist points out the mistakes committed by the majority of parents and how they can evade the pitfalls in her well-researched book entitled Hunt, Gather, Parent: What […]

A Real Life-Changing Compliment

In the public mind, like in the fairy tales, a stepmother is usually seen as vicious, mean, and conniving, an old hag and warty, abusive of her stepchildren, scolding them for no reason, forcing them to do heavy housework, and refusing to let them receive an education. The stepmother usually gets a raw deal in fairy tales. […]

Why Make-Believe Play Is an Important Part of Childhood Development

Visit any preschool classroom during free play and you will likely see a child pretending to be someone else. Make-believe play is a ubiquitous part of early childhood. And beyond being fun for kids, pretending and other kinds of imaginative play are also believed by some to be critical to healthy childhood development. Research has found a relationship […]

Peas and Parsley: Sowing in the Snow to Get a Jump on Spring Gardening

Whether the interest lies in food or flowers, most gardeners in a temperate climate feel the impulse to start growing as soon as the snow melts. But until the last frost date, there is a risk in setting tender plants outdoors. To satisfy this urge without being reckless, one must take certain precautions when spring […]

Avoid Awkward Situations With Science-Backed Tricks for Reading Body Language

Apart from the language spoken by people, a lot of information can be communicated by analyzing body language. The body language of a man or woman conveys a lot about their unspoken feelings. You only need to know how to assess and interpret those unspoken cues! Reading body language can be helpful in some situations. […]

Give Yourself a Break: The Power of Self-Compassion

As kids, you may have often found yourself being eager to “grow up” and do all the “grown-up stuff” you had seen your elder siblings or relatives do. While being an adult certainly has many perks, the downsides, though few, are more than enough to cut out the fun side. As you grow up, you […]

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