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People Must Be Generous

The most fulfilling life is one lived with tolerance, broad-mindedness, and a generous heart. If you don’t have these qualities, the world will be a tiny place and the road you walk will be extremely narrow. Some people are violent and angry, losing their temper over the smallest things. Others are kind-hearted, tolerant, and courteous, […]

A Real Life-Changing Compliment

In the public mind, like in the fairy tales, a stepmother is usually seen as vicious, mean, and conniving, an old hag and warty, abusive of her stepchildren, scolding them for no reason, forcing them to do heavy housework, and refusing to let them receive an education. The stepmother usually gets a raw deal in fairy tales. […]

Why Make-Believe Play Is an Important Part of Childhood Development

Visit any preschool classroom during free play and you will likely see a child pretending to be someone else. Make-believe play is a ubiquitous part of early childhood. And beyond being fun for kids, pretending and other kinds of imaginative play are also believed by some to be critical to healthy childhood development. Research has found a relationship […]

Give Yourself a Break: The Power of Self-Compassion

As kids, you may have often found yourself being eager to “grow up” and do all the “grown-up stuff” you had seen your elder siblings or relatives do. While being an adult certainly has many perks, the downsides, though few, are more than enough to cut out the fun side. As you grow up, you […]

Small Stories of Big Life Lessons

Through their words and actions, parents can guide their children to maturity, teaching valuable life lessons along the way. One day, a child who was 2 years old ran into a table and got a big bump on his head. He cried loudly for a long time. His father came out of his room and walked over to the table, […]

The Journey From Being a Bullying Victim to a Life of Fulfilment, Hope, and Compassion

Hope springs eternal, as the saying goes. It was such hope that brought sunshine back into the life of Kon Karapanagiotidis. Bullying of children did not just arrive on the scene with the digital age. It is ages old. Kon was the victim of merciless bullying as a child and at school. He shares how […]

The Missing Tile Syndrome and the Art of Happiness

Of all the barriers blocking us from leading happy lives, our own human nature stands the tallest. Even though we may have a life filled with much happiness and blessings, we often tend to focus on the negative as opposed to the positive, what is missing instead of what is there. This tendency of humans […]

How a Blooming Flower Taught a Young Monk Not to Show Off

Once, there was a homeless youth who went to a temple where he was fortunate enough to be accepted. After he had a bath and shaved his head, he looked quite attractive. The temple master took care of him and taught him basic lessons. He was quite smart and diligent, and soon the master let him […]

The Miracle of Forgiveness and Its Magical Healing Power

Forgiveness has a powerful life all of its own. While in the short term you might feel a fleeting sense of pleasure in getting revenge on someone who has wronged you. You may feel that you have been hurt and wronged so badly that you never want to forgive. Think about it rationally, do you […]

The Myth of Sisyphus Decoded

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the son of King Aeolus of Thessaly and Enarete. He was the founder and the first king of Ephyra (the glorious city of Corinth). The various and multiple accounts of this story, called the Myth of Sisyphus, portray him as being a cunning and selfish ruler who mocked and killed travelers and guests, mistreated women, […]

Who Is the ‘Oriental Saint’? The Answer Can Be Found in Western Prophecy

Prophecies worldwide — from the distant past up to modern times — have been receiving exponentially more attention, and this was especially true in 2020 with the global situation of the raging coronavirus pandemic being so severe. Many of these prophecies have said that in our time, a saint will arise in the East.  If the prophecies made by […]

How Amazing: Listening to Music Pieces Can Improve Dementia and Boost Immunity

In the Heian period, the sound of the string instruments and flutes would arouse homesickness; in the Warring States period, the sounds of the conch and taiko were used to inspire people and improve combat effectiveness. Today’s music can be expressive of different cultures, and it can harmonize people’s hearts and minds. The ancient Greek […]

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