Aquaponics: Growing Fish and Vegetables Together

Food technology is growing by leaps and bounds, globally. Newer methods and technologies are being invented and developed so that food production can be accelerated to cater to the increasing food demand in the world. And this is where Portable Farms has made an excellent impact. Here, we will discuss portable farms and the technology […]

How Amazing: Listening to Music Pieces Can Improve Dementia and Boost Immunity

In the Heian period, the sound of the string instruments and flutes would arouse homesickness; in the Warring States period, the sounds of the conch and taiko were used to inspire people and improve combat effectiveness. Today’s music can be expressive of different cultures, and it can harmonize people’s hearts and minds. The ancient Greek […]

An Extraordinary 5-Year-Old Girl Is the Carer of Her Grandma and Great-Grandma

What is the life of an average 5-year-old girl like? Having fun in kindergarten, learning the piano, joining dance classes, and most of all, growing up under the loving care of a mother, father, and a couple of doting grandparents? To many, maybe, but not to 5-year-old Anna Wang. Her father is in prison and […]

Human Nature Is Good

A wanted murderer had been on the run for a whole year and came to a town dressed in rags. Hungry and thirsty, the fugitive was attracted by the oranges at a fruit stand; he stood there for a long time and did not know what to do. He had nothing and had used up […]

6 Tips to Make the Year of the Ox a Lucky Year

February 12, 2021, in the lunar calendar, begins the Year of the Ox. What is the outlook for this year? We share 6 tips to make this a propitious and lucky year. Enthusiasm is contagious. Positive energy evokes positive attitudes. Success belongs to those who radiate positive energy and believe that they are a success. […]

Celestial Protection During a Deadly Plague

Since ancient times, when traditional values and morals have extensively degenerated and collapsed, a deadly plague would invariably strike out across the land. As a result, whenever this happens in any part of the world, many people become ill and perish. It is therefore not surprising that humans are frightened of plagues. What is a plague? […]

Donna Stolzenberg, Victoria’s Australian of the Year, Has a Big Heart for the Homeless

Being nominated for Australian of the Year is one of the highest honors an Australian citizen can receive. Donna Stolzenberg, a proud Ngatjumay and Mirning woman, is Victoria’s Australian of the Year for 2021. Donna’s journey began in 2015 when she had the idea to hand out 50 sleeping bags to homeless people to make their […]

Important Social Skills Essential for Early Childhood Development

 If children can do well developing key social skills in their early years, they may be more prone to becoming successful in the future as adults. Every parent wants their children to grow up to be successful. So what are the specials keys needed to help early childhood development so that children can become successful […]

Integrity Brings Wealth and Blessings

Regardless of what culture or race we belong to, integrity has the highest value. A friend of mine brought US$15,500 (100,000 yuan) to Shenzhen to take over a business laying floor tiles. After the contract was signed, the selling party from Shantou knew that it would be a loss-making deal. So the boss from Shantou […]

How One Sincere Heart of Kindness Averted Complete Disaster!

There is a village in northern India called Geyima Village that was saved from disaster by one heart of kindness. The land there is harsh and barren. The people live in poverty and the struggle of harvesting enough food is an on-going challenge. The villagers have struggled very hard, yet find it difficult to make […]

Teaching Children How to Be Kind to Family Members and Others

As parents, not only are you constantly trying to impart and teach your children core life values and lessons, you are also teaching them how to be kind, along with the golden rules for good behavior. In providing children with life skills and lessons, the development of emotional intelligence is often overlooked. Children naturally develop […]

The Angel’s Misjudgement

Can angels get it wrong? One day, a blind man was crossing the street with his guide dog when a large truck lost control and hit him, killing him on the spot, and also killing his faithful guide dog that was trying to protect his master. The blind man and the dog arrived at the […]

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