In this page you can find things that might inspire you and expand your mind regarding our media work.

At the top we will try to collect experience sharing articles related to media work, so we can try to learn some positive lessons. As always, these are just other practitioners’ insights at their levels.

At the bottom you will find articles and videos by ordinary people that will help us become more professional, understand the media world better, etc.

Note: The collection of materials below is not to be shared as such outside the company. Any material with the  tag [private]  you may not share with anyone at all.

Any suggestions/questions – please send to Tamuz


Experience Sharing Articles

  1. What Master Had Recently Shown to me
  2. While Working on Media Projects, We Still Need to Cultivate
  3. Lessons Gained from Reading the Traditional Culture Section on Minghui
  4. Cooperation Is the Greatest Competitive Advantage (Part 1)
  5. Cooperation Is the Greatest Competitive Advantage (Part 2)



Ordinary Society Articles & Videos

1) Disruption in News Media –  on dealing with the challenges of news media companies. Highly recommended. (identical content in video & document)

Be the Disruptor PDF

2) Dimensions of News Media Brand Personality [private]

3) Interview with actor Russel Crowe on journalism related to his movie State of Play.

4) State of the News Media 2015 – a yearly comprehensive report by US think-tank Pew Research.