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Egypt’s Inspirational Blind Women Orchestra

We have many legendary people who, despite their handicaps, have managed to make themselves immortal via their craft. Egypt’s blind women orchestra is one such inspiring group. In the world of music, Beethoven is a name that even a non-music person has heard of. His story of overcoming deafness to become a great composer is […]

Untold Story Behind the Simon and Garfunkel Song ‘The Sound Of Silence’

The Sound of Silence is a song released in 1965 that became a smash hit worldwide, making it to the top 10 list in...

An American Academy That Teaches Music to the Blind

AMB is a music academy in California that is pretty unique when compared to other music schools — it is the only academy of...

Are Blind People Immune to Schizophrenia?

For a long time, scientists have noted something curious about schizophrenia — there are almost no blind schizophrenics. The latest research now suggests that...

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