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10 Tips to Begin Your Bikepacking Adventure

Bikepacking is pretty much backpacking on two wheels — a bike. I think it’s a gem of a way to experience the world, as it tends to take you off the well-trodden path. “It’s any adventure that involves riding your bike and staying overnight.” Bikepacking: getting started So if you’ve never been on a bikepacking adventure, […]

A Charming City With Striking Features in Taiwan

Keelung is the northernmost city in Taiwan with an area of 132.76 km2 (51.26 mi2) and a population of 372,000. Though Keelung is a small...

An Intriguing Flower Fair Celebrating Taiwan’s Lunar New Year

Flowers are something that most Taiwanese people cannot do without for Lunar New Year. They believe it would make sense to put some beautiful...

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