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Natural Beauty Hacks With Simple Ingredients From Your Kitchen

Some of the most gentle and most effective skincare ingredients are probably waiting in your kitchen right now. Many of the expensive, natural beauty care products use all-natural ingredients, including natural oils — so why not try spoiling yourself and use these natural beauty hacks with raw ingredients? The ingredients you select will depend on your skin […]

2 Heartwarming Miracles 

Miracle one: Some wilted vegetables taught me a valuable lesson One afternoon, I went for a walk with a friend in the suburbs. Suddenly, an old man dressed in tattered clothes approached, carrying a bag of green vegetables in his hand to sell. The vegetables looked poor. Many of the leaves were dehydrated, brown, and […]

6 Tips for Eating Fruits and Vegetables With Peace of Mind

With pesticides, insecticides, GMOs, fertilizers, plastics, air pollution, and water pollution, you may often ask yourself: Is anything safe to eat anymore? Where do...

Fruit and Veggie Prices to Decline in Australia

The prices of fresh farm produce in Australia have been rising in the past months due to droughts, floods, fires, and eventually the COVID-19...

5 Vegetables for Your Little Apartment Garden

Have you ever wanted to set up an apartment garden, but wondered which vegetables would be best? Considering that you don’t have much space,...

When These Vegetables Are Old or Rotten, They Are Highly Toxic

Vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet, as long as they are fresh and healthy; however, old, moldy, or rotten vegetables can be...

These Foods Can Help Prevent Atherosclerosis

Many people think that cardiovascular disease occurs only in the elderly. In recent years, however, reports of heart attacks, strokes, or sudden death in...

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