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Tips for Building a Great Remote Team

Companies have faced unmatched struggles over the past year and some have responded by coming up with alternative ways to stay in business. One such strategy has been to carry out the process of hiring, training, and supervising newly recruited employees remotely. Employers already face several challenges in building teams when all the members are […]

Why 2020 Is the Gold Rush for Digital Nomads

Ever since Internet technologies began to mature and become mainstream and more versatile, digital nomads have made them their domain. The term "digital nomad"...

In the Time of COVID-19, Some Glad Tidings

While the CCP coronavirus pandemic is the worst viral outbreak the world has seen in a long while, it has also triggered actions and...

Making the Most of Working From Home

“According to the IWG Global Workplace Survey conducted in 2019, 80 percent of businesses in Germany, 76 percent in Brazil, and 58 percent in...

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