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If you target Gen Y readers and want to increase your website traffic and brand awareness, a sponsorship campaign with VISION TIMES is just right for you.

VISION TIMES is a fast-growing news and culture portal, and the only Gen Y-targeted site with a special focus on Asia. Being the English branch of a huge multi-language media network, the Kanzhongguo Media Association, we get access to fascinating and unique stories from China and across the globe.

Our readers love VISION TIMES because:

  • Our articles are an average length
  • We have a modern site design
  • Our content keeps readers engaged for an average of 3 minutes per session
  • We have a responsive design that works on all computers and mobile devices
  • New articles, videos, and photo galleries are posted daily
  • We have six dedicated sections: News, China, Science, World, Life, Entertainment, Explore

Reader demographics

Our readers are young, discerning, educated, and tech-savvy. They regularly purchase goods online and research purchases for real estate and cars on the Internet before buying.

  • 50% are aged 18-34 years old
  • 45% are male
  • 55% are female

Website statistics

Traffic to VISION TIMES has grown rapidly since the site launched in July 2014.

Vision Times on average has 300,000 page views per month.

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