Chinese Criticize Regime for Using Free-falling Rocket to Mock India Pandemic Losses

Chinese took to the internet to complain after the Chinese Communist Party’s internal security apparatus committed a huge gaffe on Weibo, the mainland’s version...

China’s Overseas Laborers Suffer Frequent Abuse Working on Belt-and-Road Projects

Human trafficking in an age where building large infrastructure projects demands the use of many laborers that are often low-wage, unskilled workers looking to seek the promise of a better life through jobs far away from home. Unfortunately this...

China’s Delayed Census Points to Severe Population Decline

China's seventh census, which was scheduled for release in April, is still yet to be released as of May 3. Despite the delay in the final report, population data from more than 27 cities have already been released by...

Conflicts of Interest Abound Among Scientists Who Decry Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Some of the loudest voices in the scientific community alleging the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic did not originate from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) only Biosecurity Level 4 lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), are also ones with documented conflicts...

Hong Kong’s Pro-Communist Establishment Targets Independent Media, Lawyers

In the latest move to suppress Hong Kong's legal freedoms, officials in the region loyal to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have hinted at targeting the media under the guise of combating “fake news” as part of an effort...


The FBI abused a warrantless surveillance program to collect personal information of Americans, according to a new report.

FBI Conducted Warrantless Surveillance on American Citizens, Report Shows

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has continued to conduct warrantless surveillance under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and commit...
Nine four-star generals have asked top spy chiefs to declassify the intel they have on Russian and Chinese schemes aimed at undermining America.

US Generals Ask Spy Chiefs to Declassify Intel on Chinese and Russian Schemes, PLA...

Last year, nine four-star generals sent a memo to top officials of the U.S. intelligence community, requesting they declassify information pertaining to the “pernicious...
Bill Gates announced that he and Melinda Gates recently filed for divorce. They visited the Oslo Opera House together back in June 2009, 15 years after they married.

Bill and Melinda Gates to Divorce After Nearly 30-year Marriage

Billionaire Bill Gates has announced that he and his wife Melinda Gates will be divorcing soon, after being married for 27 years. In a...

Pandemic Caused Computer Chip Shortage for Automakers Worsens After Fire at Japanese Factory

Automakers around the world are feeling the harmful effects of a semiconductor computer chip shortage that began last year when the pandemic caused the...

The Caffeine Controversy: Pros and Cons of Coffee Consumption

Drinking coffee is a morning ritual for most adults. Coffee drinkers will tell you that it wakes them up and makes them more alert....


The Miraculous Healing Effects of Good Music

During World War II, the U.S. Army field hospitals were filled with wounded soldiers. In hot weather, with hordes of mosquitoes and a severe shortage of medicine, the rate of surgical infection and mortality was very high, and morale was low among the wounded. Under these circumstances, a doctor played everyone's favorite music. After the sick and injured heard the music, infection and mortality rates dropped dramatically, and the surgical healing period was shortened...

Chinese Solar Panel Industry Likely Using Uyghur Slave Labor

China has been known to use the  Uyghur community in Xinjiang for slave labor, especially in cotton production. However, Uyghur slave labor is apparently being used in the manufacture of solar panels as well, according to a slew of new reports. The vast majority of photovoltaic cells (PVC) that are used in the production of solar panels are made using polysilicon components, and 82% of the world’s polysilicon is produced in China.  Almost all solar...

Stories From the Students’ Rules (1): At Home, Be Dutiful to Parents

The “Standards for Being a Good Student and Child” (Di Zi Gui, 弟子規) is a traditional Chinese textbook for children that teaches morals and proper etiquette. It was written by Li Yuxiu in the Qing Dynasty, during the reign of Emperor Kang Xi (1661 – 1722). In this series, we present some ancient Chinese stories that exemplify the valuable lessons from the Di Zi Gui. The first chapter of the Di Zi Gui introduces...

Tesla’s China Operations Come Under Fire as Beijing Eyes Electric Car Industry

The leading producer of electric vehicles has found itself in a suspicious storm of criticism in China after a Tesla owner made a widely publicized protest at a car show in Shanghai.   On April 19, a woman wearing a white T-shirt emblazoned with the words “breaks failed” and the Tesla logo upstaged the company’s booth at the Shanghai Auto Show. The woman claimed her Tesla vehicle failed to stop, causing damage to the front of...

Documents Reveal Wuhan Lab Researched 143 New Pathogens Starting in 2012

A slew of documents obtained by the UK’s Daily Mail appear to further confirm that SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, originated from the Chinese Communist Party’s Biosecurity Level 4 facility, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Daily Mail says the documents reveal a nationwide project to identify new viruses that began almost nine years ago. They found “one leading Chinese scientist” who provided the in silico genetic sequence for SARS-CoV-2 the world has heavily...

Class Action Suit Alleging TikTok Violated UK Child Privacy Laws Under Way

Former Children’s Commissioner for England Anne Longfield has filed a legal claim against China-owned social media app TikTok that could result in billions being paid out to UK and EU children under 13 who have had their data captured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) affiliated company.  If the lawsuit is successful, TikTok may be ordered to pay out thousands of dollars to millions of children in the EU and UK who have used the...

The American Dream Takes on China Inc. 5G Trifecta

“Speed now is the number one currency in business today and you need that momentum for that digital transformation…And the big, they no longer eat the small. The quick eat the slow.” So said former Under Secretary of State, Keith Krach, as he addressed the need for 5G technology. This emerging technology is not only 10 times faster, with the possibility of up to 100 times faster in the future, it also increases bandwidth, allowing...

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Taiwan Says Communist China Waging Economic Warfare Against Tech Sector

Beijing has upped its efforts to steal technology and poach talent from Taiwan. According to an April 28 report by Reuters, the Taiwanese government...


Keep Your Eyes Healthy With Proper Nutrition

Most adults, and even children, spend several hours a day on electronic devices, taxing the eyes. In addition, the eyes are the only organ,...

11 Brain Foods

Everyone wants to be smart and have the ability to learn and memorize things quickly. In fact, to get these benefits, some people are willing to spend a lot of money on supplements to boost their brain function. The truth is, there are 11 common brain foods that are readily available and they won’t break […]

How Porridge Can Help You Strengthen Your Immunity During the Spring Season

Porridge is renowned in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for its nourishing properties. The famous Chinese physician Sun Simiao said: “The superior doctor should first adjust the patient’s diet and lifestyle.” In TCM, pathogen properties like wind, heat, and dampness are considered to be physical influencing factors, which if allowed to accumulate too much, can affect […]

Help Relieve Joint Problems With Diet

With aging, long-term use, and high-impact stress, articular cartilage can degenerate and wear out over time leading to joint problems. This can cause joint deformation, bone spurs, and a loss of elasticity, also known as osteoarthritis (OA). The resultant joint pain, swelling, and stiffness often lead to decreased function and mobility. Osteoarthritis commonly affects the […]

What’s on the Box? Decipher Food Label Tease

The marketing machine that’s behind the food industry often leads consumers to be confused or misled by their claims. This is why your need to understand how to read a food label properly. Many tease or give consumers a false sense of eating healthy; leading them to eat more processed and packaged foods — which has […]

Rub 8 Parts of Your Body to Slow Aging and Remain Healthy

Rubbing these 8 parts of your body regularly can relieve sore muscles in adjacent areas, promote blood circulation, prevent diseases, and help to slow aging, which is more beneficial than getting a massage. Rub your face to help slow aging  Rubbing your face can promote blood circulation in your hands and face and make your fingers more flexible. […]

5 Causes of Nighttime Leg Cramps

Nighttime leg cramps are painful and incapacitating. They can awaken you out of a sound sleep, and if severe, can leave you feeling sore for days afterward.  If you’re an adult, chances are you’ve experienced nighttime leg cramps. According to American Family Physician, as many as 60 percent of adults and 7 percent of children have […]

Lose These 4 Bad Habits to Stay Healthy and Gain These 3 Good Habits

High-quality sleep is a deep sleep that will produce antibodies and prevent the occurrence of diseases. It can also help the repairability of various organs in the body, which is an important foundation for staying healthy and longevity. There are several bad behaviors that should be avoided before going to bed.  1. Being too active before going to bed  […]

Fitness Activity Trackers: Are They Worth the Money?

Ever since Fitbit was introduced in 2009, the popularity of wearable fitness activity trackers has shot up. Look around and you will see a lot of people from many age groups using these sleek devices. Most fitness gadget users love using the devices as well. Ask someone how he or she has benefited from one […]

Could ‘Leaky Gut’ Be the Cause of Your Food Allergies?

Your intestines are designed to be impermeable (or resistant) to large protein molecules that your body may mistake as “invaders,” leading it to launch an “attack” by producing antibodies, which in turn leads to allergic reactions. The modern diet — especially wheat products — lifestyle, and medications often compromise the permeability and strength of our digestive tract, […]


One of ancient China’s great medical doctors and herbalists, Sun Simiao was said to have lived to be 141 years old.

An Ancient Chinese Doctor’s ‘Cure-all’ for Nourishing the Mind and Body

One of ancient China’s great medical doctors and herbalists, Sun Simiao (孫思邈), was said to have lived to be...
We pay back what we owe.

If You Owe It, You Must Pay It Back

There is a saying: “Your word is your bond.” If you owe something, you must pay it back. One of the first lessons we all learn is that when we make sacrifices for what we want in life, we must pay back what we owe. There were two good friends, Lan and Qiu, who lived […]

Honesty and Sincerity Are More Important Than Appearance: The Travels of Yang Chufu

During the spring and autumn period, a high-ranking official named Yang Chufu, who resided in the state of Jin and was very handsome in appearance, was ordered by the King to go on a mission to the state of Wei. Along the way, Yang Chufu stayed at an inn in Ning City. The owner of […]

The Porcelain Bowl: Perfection Is in the Eye of the Beholder

The following story shows how perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Lao Liang needed money, so he wanted to sell his yellow porcelain bowl, which was a family heirloom. Once the news got out, an antique dealer came to his house. The dealer looked at the bowl for quite a while and said: “It is […]

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Personal Data From 533 Million Facebook Users Stolen by Hackers Exploiting Vulnerability

Data from more than 533 million Facebook users, including profile names, Facebook ID numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses were published in a hacking forum on April 3 according to reports. Facebook says the breached data is not new and was originally scraped by...

China’s Growing Military Might Alarms U.S. Officials, Modern Warfare Will Begin Silently

At a recent House Armed Services Committee congressional hearing, top American military officials warned that China’s ability to project its naval prowess in the Indian Ocean is alarming. General Stephen Townsend, head of the...

Australia Federal Government Cancels Victoria Belt and Road Agreements

The Australian federal government has revoked agreements signed by Victoria Premier Dan Andrews, which signed the State into the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) debt trap and infrastructure projects because...

German Courts Ban ‘Lateral Thinking’ Protests as Coronavirus Measures Push Citizens to the Extreme

Germany is seeing a rising number of protests against lockdown measures under what is called the “Querdenker” or “lateral thinking” movement. The movement, which has attracted heavy criticism from the German government, recently drew...

Europe Cracks Down on Beijing Mouthpiece CGTN After Forced Confession Complaints

Norwegian broadcaster Telia has stopped airing Chinese state-backed media outlet CGTN after receiving a letter from victims of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) practice of extracting forced confessions from those it persecutes.  The letter, signed...

Three Basic Recipes for Sustainable Kitchens in 5 Easy Steps

The rewarding experience of cooking at home with family and friends can be seen as a silver lining in the era of COVID lockdowns and economic uncertainty. As the saying goes, “the table unites.”...

Fully Vaccinated People to Dominate Third Wave of COVID-19 Deaths in UK, Warns Report

A recent document published by the UK’s Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modeling, Operational subgroup (SPI-M-O), has triggered controversy among netizens due to its predictions about a potential third wave of Coronavirus Disease 2019...

Chinese Regime Allegedly Torturing and Coercing Christians to Abandon Faith in ‘Transformation’ Camps

A recent Radio Free Asia (RFA) news report revealed efforts by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to detain Christians in secret, mobile facilities and pressure them into renouncing their faith. A member of a...

South China Sea Conflict: Philippines Threatens China with Daily Protests

Authorities from the Philippines have warned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that it will file daily diplomatic protests unless China removes the several dozen ships presently occupying Whitsun Reef, which is also known as...

Hong Kong Charges Pro-Democracy Leaders With ‘Illegal Assembly’

A Hong Kong court has found seven veteran pro-democracy activists guilty of “illegal assembly” for their involvement in a mass rally conducted in 2019 that saw the participation of 1.7 million Hong Kong residents....

China Threatens Citizens and Forces Foreign Visitors to Take Made-in-China COVID-19 Vaccine

Local governments in China are reportedly threatening and intimidating citizens to take the China-made COVID-19 vaccines. In some places, Chinese Communist Party members have begun visiting people door-to-door, telling them to get vaccinated in...

Political Shifts Cause Increased Migration From Hong Kong to Canada

The number of Hong Kong residents moving to Canada has increased recently amid the changes in the political climate affecting the Chinese administrative region. The erosion of democracy in Hong Kong has prompted Canada...

Xi Jinping Targets Jack Ma’s Alibaba

China’s leading tech company in the crossfire between rival Communist Party factions In many ways, Alibaba Group is the face of China’s tech industry, penetrating every aspect of Chinese life with its products, from Taobao...