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He Qinglian

He Qinglian is a prominent Chinese author and economist. Currently based in the United States, she authored “China’s Pitfalls,” which concerns corruption in China’s economic reform of the 1990s, and “The Fog of Censorship: Media Control in China,” which addresses the manipulation and restriction of the press. She regularly writes on contemporary Chinese social and economic issues.
China’s Most-Favored-Nation Status Is Ending, What Are the Implications?
China is now roughly back to the trade status that it was before its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 2001, as the United States has de facto removed China from the...
Wall Street Dumbfounded by China’s Crackdown on Private Education and Training
China Concept Stocks crashed in July, rocking the A-shares in China’s stock market. Investors are still reviewing their policies. They don’t understand why Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader, Xi Jinping cracked down on Chinese companies...
The Silent Influence of the ‘China Model’ on US Economic Policy
Most analyses of the Chinese economy belong to one of two types: those that come from the venture capital industry and those created by think tanks. The venture capitalists are pessimistic about the Chinese economy’s...