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US Proposes Bill To Include Taiwan in ‘NATO Plus’ Group

U.S. Representative Scott Perry recently proposed a bill in Congress to include Taiwan in the NATO plus five countries. Perry, the Republican representative for Pennsylvania’s 10th District, introduced the “Taiwan PLUS Act” in the House of Representatives on March 19 and has since been referred to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The bill notes that […]

2021 Yangmingshan Flower Festival in Taiwan

Despite the fact that most countries around the world are under a full or partial lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan is considered a safer country where people can enjoy a normal life, including domestic travel and sightseeing activities. One event that is a must-see is the Yangmingshan Flower Festival. Please watch the following video […]

Magnificent Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan’s Mountainous Area

Often referred to as an Asian flower town and a world tropical flower kingdom, Taiwan is famous for its spectacular cherry blossoms in spring. This year, due to the dry weather and warm temperature, cherry blossoms across Taiwan are even more beautiful than ever, in particular those in high mountain farms. Please watch the following […]

The Breathtaking Mingchi Forest Recreation Area in Taiwan

The Mingchi Forest Recreation Area is a spectacular resort in Yilan County’s Datong Township in northern Taiwan. As Mingchi’s Chinese name (literally bright lake) suggests, the resort features a beautiful artificial alpine lake with crystal blue water.  Please watch the following video of “The Breathtaking Mingchi Forest Recreation Area in Taiwan.” Embraced by high mountains, […]

Pingtung City, a Charming City in Southern Taiwan

When it comes to Pingtung, people tend to think of the famous Kenting National Park, its beautiful beaches, the picturesque coastlines, and other popular attractions in this national park. In fact, there are some other charming places in this southernmost county in Taiwan, and among them is Pingtung City. Please watch the following video of “A […]

Taiwan’s Ties With US Military Remain Strong Amid Threats From Beijing

Even as tensions over Taiwan escalate due to diplomatic threats from mainland China, Taiwan’s leader states that Taiwan’s ties with America’s military remain strong. Ever since one of the Chinese military’s H-6 bombers was seen flying over the air defense identification zone in Taiwan in September 2020, both China and the U.S. have stepped up […]

The Iconic Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan

Located at the heart of Taipei City, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall was built in honor of the Republic of China’s late president, Chiang Kai-Shek. Not only is it a prominent landmark in Taipei, but it is also one of the most-visited tourist attractions in the capital of Taiwan. Please watch this video of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial complex: Covering an area of […]

A Typical New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner in Taiwan

Despite the unabated COVID-19 resurgence and the repeated intrusion into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) by the Chinese Communist regime’s warplanes, Taiwanese people still went ahead with their celebration of the lunar New Year as usual except wearing face masks.  Please watch the following video of a typical New Year Eve reunion dinner in […]

The Splendid Floriculture Experiment Center in Taiwan

Often referred to as “Taipei’s Secret Garden,” the Floriculture Experiment Center is located on the edge of Yangmingshan National Park on the outskirts of Taipei City.  It is a popular attraction that offers stunning sights of a variety of flowers and plants throughout the year. History Covering an area of over 4 hectares (10 acres), […]

USS McCain Transit Through Taiwan Strait Shows Indo-Pacific is ‘Free and Open’

American warship USS McCain recently made a routine transit through the Taiwan Strait, a narrow waterway between communist China and Taiwan. It is the first such operation carried out since Biden became the president of the United States.  It comes after Beijing made threatening statements and added military pressure to Taiwan, sending warplanes into Taiwanese […]

Breathtaking Plum Blossoms in Taiwan

Winter is a good time to enjoy plum blossoms in Taiwan. There are many popular places across Taiwan that are famous for plum blossom appreciation. Among them are plum tree farms in central Taiwan’s Nantou County and some public parks in Taipei City. Please watch the following video of “Breathtaking Plum Blossoms in Taiwan.” Nantou […]

Communist China Breaches Taiwan Air Defense Zone, Sends Aggressive Message to Biden Administration

In what appears to be a warning to the new U.S. administration, Communist China recently sent warplanes into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) for two consecutive days. On Jan. 23, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) sent 13 planes, including fighter jets, nuclear-capable bombers, and anti-submarine aircraft. The next day, the PLA sent in 15 […]

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