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Dave Pope (C), works in the Digifox booth setup at the Bitcoin 2021 Convention, held at the Mana Convention Center in Wynwood on June 4, 2021 in Miami, Florida. While U.S. law enforcement recovered almost 64 Bitcoin of the ransom paid to DarkSide, Colonial will still lose more than $1.5 million thanks to price manipulation by the Chinese Communist Party.
Colonial Recovers Almost 64 BTC Thanks to DOJ, Still Loses $1.5 Million Thanks to China
The U.S. Department of Justice recovered almost 85 percent of the 75 Bitcoin Colonial Pipeline Company paid to ransomware hackers during a cyberattack that led to widespread gasoline supply shortages in the southeastern U.S. last...
Man holds a sign welcoming hackers to the 2014 Hackers Trip to China event in Beijing. Chinese hackers have been found to pose as United Nations officers in order to conduct persecution of the Uyghur Muslim ethnic minority.
Chinese Hackers Pose as UN and Human Rights Entities to Attack Uyghurs
A recently published report revealed a campaign by Chinese hackers, pretending to be entities associated with the United Nations (UN) or human rights organizations, to hack into and take control of computers used by Muslim...
Colonial's pipeline operations are offline due to a ransomware attack by hacking group DarkSide
Colonial Pipeline Hacking Attack Threatens Critical Infrastructure
On May 8th, one of the top American pipeline operators, Colonial Pipeline, announced that it was forced to shut down its entire network following a hacking attack that crippled computer infrastructure. Colonial transports almost 2.5...