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JD Vance is bringing back the best of the Trump era with calls to decouple economically from the CCP and bring manufacturing back to America.
JD Vance Resurrects Trump-era Attitude Towards Economic Decoupling From China
Ohio Republican Senate challenger JD Vance has resurrected one of the best aspects of the previous Trump administration’s foreign policy: economic decoupling from the Chinese Communist Party. On May 3, Vance, a Trump endorsement, won...
Whether you love him or hate him, former President Donald Trump is arguably today’s most influential personality.
Trump to Discuss Future and America First Approach at CPAC Sunday
Former President Donald Trump’s upcoming speech on Sunday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will garner much attention in anticipation about which way the GOP will go in the four years leading up to...
China Making Overtures to Japan as US Hopes to Negotiate Free Trade Deal
While Washington and Tokyo prepare for talks on a bilateral free trade agreement between the world’s first and third largest economies, the Chinese communist regime is trying to appeal to Japanese officials and businessmen in...